The Italian taste in a Saudi tale – Alice Giani Margi Collection 

Combinations, to combine something with… who has never used these words in connection with style? We daily open our wardrobe and we have to find the best solution, in terms of a dress, that meets the requirements of the occasion we’re going to – work, night out, meeting, etc.

Combinations can turn into something spectacural, think for example of a combination of cultures, where flavours, colors and vibrations of different countries mixed up together. Reminding these beautiful images I recall a designer I’ve been spoken to : she grew up in Milan and later on moved to Riyadh. Her collection is 100% made in Italy, especially her taste, but you can easily find it mostly on the best online retailer channels. She cultivates her Italian heritage and passion for designing and fashion and invested her talent in creating dresses that perfectly comply with the local women’s needs of the Saudi region, where she relocated about 10 years ago. We are talking about Alice Giani Margi, founder of the eponymous label, creating abaya and hijab for women who are looking for a modest dress, combining comfort, glamour and uniqueness…

Alice Giani Margi founded AMO with the goal of creating a luxurious yet comfortable label that empowers and emphasises the beauty of the modern woman.

As an Italian living in Saudi Arabia, Alice was driven by her passion, talent and motivation to merge quality and comfort into a luxury modest collection that reflects the changes of the modern world and the fusion of different cultures.

With the various usages of abayas these days – from traditional occasions to sports.. yes, sport – women are turning to the staple in their closet faster than most other items.

Now Made in Italy brand, AMO created by Alice Giani Margi, an Italian fashion designer who relocated to Saudi Arabia more than 10 years ago, has launched a diverse collection of abayas: classica, sportswear and the brand new “transformable”.

The first thing that Alice was looking for when she envisioned the abaya styles was: comfort and original look.


…I happened to come across AMO Abayas, and I was in love with the very special designs the designer had to offer.

Alice Giani Margi, an Italian who lives in Riyadh, KSA, a beautiful woman at heart, is the awesome designer behind the luxurious AMO Abayas. Alice is a wife and mom of a beautiful boy and an active sportswoman. She has worked on AMO project for the past two years and officially launched her Abayas this winter. AMO is a high end 100% hand-made in Italy Abayas. Alice is a professional horse-back rider and trainer. My sister, Miss F, loves horse riding and Alice, she is going to love you more than your Abayas! Alice can be defined as an Italian girl with an Arab heart!

About how Alice started AMO Abayas, she goes on to say,” When I moved to Riyadh six years ago, I couldn’t find on the market Abayas that could be comfortable and suit my busy lifestyle, and that is why I started working on this project with the aim to create a modest garment that could fit the needs of modern women in the GCC and around the world and could put the Italian manufacture at the service of modest fashion”…